Sai Sunaad digital studio

Welcome to Sai Sunaad digital audio recording studio, Bangalore! Your one stop solution for all your technical and creative audio needs from recording, mixing and mastering to composing, arranging and sequencing etc at a cost which makes economic sense. We also have access to musicians in the event that you need professional support to complete your project!

Create your own Music Album

music cd

At Sai Sunaad we believe music is for all and encourage talented and budding artists to create their own music album. We are happy to provide you references to artists too who can help you complete your project. Click below to request our studio service for your recording.


Record Interviews & Voiceover

voice over

Recording interviews and voice-overs has never been easier before. Whether it is voice-over for documentaries or recording audio training material, at Sai Sunaad you will get all the technical help you need to make your recording sound professional.


Other Services

Audio editing

We at Sai Sunaad also offers a gamut of professional audio services like audio editing, sequencing, voice restoration, video syncing and mastering which will help you add a professional touch to your old recordings.